UltiPro Course utilizing a Video Tutorial, Scenario Assessment, and Job Aid.

An UltiPro course on time-entry.

A course mixed with video, interactions, and documentation.

This course was put together for a job applicant project, requiring an interactive lesson and job-aid document. I approached this using the SAM Model, using and SME screen captured video as the planning phase. Designing with storyboards, wireframes, and scripts. Developing with Articulate Storyline and HTML to deploy it here.

Ultimate Software - Learning Experience Designer

Thank you for considering me for the position.

Software Simulation

An example of software simulation with animated graphics and text.

Blended + Gamification

A team based quiz show

A blended gamified quiz show.

The Career Quiz Show is a blended team based quiz show, where the moderator controls the action. This game was created for a career day at work, and two groups of kids played for all the marbles. The moderator asks which category the team wants to pick, asks the question, waits for the group response, and then reveals the answer. The points are awarded upon a correct answer.


Earn badges, points, prizes, and even learn a thing or two.

Here's a great example of gamification in eLearning.

This flight attendant wine training course involves learning the subject matter and answering assessment questions. The gamification aspect is injected via badges, points, and a frantic bonus game for even more points. The earning of badges equates to fulling learning objectives. Racking up points is the added fun of competition and the chance at winning a prize.

Real World Training and Assessments

Provide valuable interactive and job-related content to your learner.

I worked on this project with my friend and coworker Joshua Farquharson, and he put together a lesson on patient positions for a nursing course. Using the lesson, we were able to blueprint the content into an intriguing scenario were the user would be placed into an examination room.

I was tasked with prototyping and developing the interactive portion, as well as creating all the graphics. After it was all said and done, we put it all together in SoftChalk, and entered it into the 2013 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge, which earned us the 3rd place prize.
Physical Examination: Body Positioning

Bringing course overviews to life!

These overviews really helped to draw the students into each chapter.

Going off a voice over and the text of the overview, I produced a series of animated and engaging chapter overviews for an "Intro to Humanities" course.



I've seen way too many terrible, boring, eye-straining, and nap inducing PowerPoint presentations.

This project involved redesigning the original presentation and making it more engaging. It had all the information it needed, but the presentation itself was out of wack and not pleasant to look at.

First, I analyzed the content and created a quick storyboard on paper. I then developed the style of the graphics to tell the story and standardized the fonts for headings, paragraphs, and lists. Lastly, I created a dynamic presentation using Articulate Storyline, which is great for rapid prototyping and development. I was able to utilize Storyline's time line and animate feature of presentation to really give some visual impact and a truly unique feel.

Branching Scenarios

Give the user a sense of choice and consequence.

This project began with me receiving a rough draft script to an interactive branching scenario revolving around the user experiencing the temptations and pitfalls of plagiarism.

After story boarding the different scenarios, I began to create environments and choose characters to play the various parts. Using Smartbuilder, I was able to rapidly prototype the interactions, adjust the script, and leading the user through different paths and outcomes.

3D Animation - Immerse Your Audience

Computer animation is one of my main skill sets, and I like to take on these types of projects anytime I get a chance.

A beautiful moving picture can be painted and produces a captivating learning experience.


Immune System - Natural Killer Cell
Antioxidants - vs - Free Radicals - Immune System

Supplemental Exercises

Learning the Human Heart

Not your average mouse-over and drag'n'drop activity.

With this exercise, I wanted to enhance your average textbook heart diagram. I set up the heart graphic to desaturate while highlighting the chambers of the heart, and adding mouse-over interactions to let the user select and read more about the specific chambers. Lastly, the user is able to proceed when ready to a matching game.